Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Alternatives to the Royal Mail and the Post Office

With yet another postal strike looming, Money Saving Expert has provided a fantastic guide to alternative postal providers. What it says is: "While Royal Mail is still cheapest for sending cards, letters and packages weighing under 2kg...anything heavier will set you back over £7, and that's without tracking and insurance. Yet you can buy a 48 hr service which includes both, for around the same price." For details and the full article, click here.

In addition, The Guardian has highlighted DHL's Servicepoint system which it says "means you can take your letter to a participating retailer (most WH Smith, Staples, Ryman or Safestore outlets will do), package it up in an appropriately sized DHL carton and pay a flat rate at the till. The smallest package costs £5.95 (including VAT), and has room for a card and a DVD or two (up to a weight of 200g). It will arrive in one to two days. But take note: you can't send vouchers, decorative swords and garments trimmed with fur, so choose your gift accordingly." For the full article, click here.

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