Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barrister Blog featured at the Laws website

Nice feature on this blog at the Laws website. With particular thanks to Dominic Sebahia and Timothy Du for organising and writing this between them. To read the article, click here or see below.

Tim Kevan is not your ordinary barrister. He is a surfer at heart, living by the sea and writing from the heart. In fact, he is no ordinary surfer either! The blend of a smart legal mind and a free spirit is a combination not commonly seen. With two books under his belt, including one that uses surfing as an ingenious metaphor.

The Barrister Blog is Kevan’s online repository for his thoughts, interests, and causes. It never fails to entertain, whether through music reviews, captivating articles, book recommendations or guest posts, there is never a boring moment with the Surfing Barrister. Filled with humor and earnest insights on a wide range of subjects, The Barrister Blog is a perfect example of a versatile law blog. Kevan continues to amaze his readers with surfing, law, and art, creating a cocktail that makes one question whether the barrister is but a barista of amusement.

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Timothy said...

keep it up, surfing solicitor!