Saturday, November 21, 2009

'The Final Curtain Call' by Hector Christie

Just ordered a book called The Final Curtain Call by Hector Christe. A review describes it in the following way: "With globalisation spreading its tentacles across the planet and Corporate America throttling the Third World with debt ... while GM crops taint the fields and pollute the gene pool ... while diseased cattle roast on funeral pyres and protesters are rounded up and sent to prison – what can a Devonshire farmer based at Tapeley Park do to halt the madness? Maybe it’s his daughter, Annie, who can carry the cause forward. Here she tells his story, partly seen through her own young eyes, and partly through accounts of protest and punishment detailed in his own diaries. Either way, it’s a harrowing – but sometimes hilarious – saga of war against a sick system. Maybe when Harold Smith, political altruism personified, calls the Revolution from his village refuge in Italy, humanity can finally haul itself out of the mire, live a life with less fear and greed, and face the post-collapse 2020s with a greater sense of fairness, tolerance and spirituality."

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