Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hemp Fabric UK

If you need to buy hemp then look no further than Hemp Fabric UK. It is run by Samantha Pickering who is based in North Devon and is also a full-time mum of four. As she says on her website:

"I got into hemp by accident, thanks to my children and an existing business, Happy Nappy Days, which supplies cloth nappies. I had been looking to add a natural, environmentally friendly, absorbent and soft fabric to my product range – and hemp seemed to be the answer. As luck would have it I then discovered Hemp Fabric UK. I was very impressed with the business and the amazing potential of hemp so, on discovering that the people running the company couldn’t commit the time to developing it properly, I decided to buy it. That was in February 2006. I am still thrilled to be working with such a versatile material and continue to learn about its properties, uses and applications."

Since then the business has gone from strnegth to strength and in 2008 it was selected as a regional finalist in the HSBC Start Up Stars Award for Western, Wales and Northern Ireland. Then this year Samantha was invited to 10 Downing Street along with 150 of the UK's top entrepreneurs and business leaders as was reported in The North Devon Journal.

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