Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sponsored Blog Post: Predictions for 2010

As part of a series of predictions for 2010 David Phillips & Partners Solicitors have begun by issuing a warning regarding ‘Third Party Capture’ and its use by Insurance companies in accident claims. Although Insurance companies are regulated by the FSA, they are allowed to contact accident victims in order to settle claims out of court for, potentially, a lot less than they are worth. The FSA’s current stance is for a “industry led solution”, which potentially could see accident victims lose out on the full compensation that they are entitled to - by settling with an insurer first rather than also seeking independent legal advice. Stephen Higham, a partner at David Phillips & Solicitors, comments: “accident victims should always get independent legal advice, no matter what the insurers say.” If you have been involved in an accident you can get expert legal advice by contacting David Phillips & Partners Solicitors on 0800 027 7870 or at

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