Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book recommendation: 'Operation Mincemeat' by Ben Macintyre

I can't recommend this book highly enough having only started it in the last few days. I have to admit that I was already a fan of the original account of this incredible story The Man Who Never Was by Ewan Montagu. But Operation Mincemeat takes it to another level. Wonderfully written in a way that not only keeps you turning the pages as fast as any thriller but also with an eye for humorous detail and the absurdities which life can throw up. From the 'haversack ruse' to Ian Fleming's list of ways of winning the war, there is so much in there you really couldn't make it up. I mean, how on earth did the military top brass honestly get away with a policy of only having pretty girls "on the basis that they would be less likely to spill the beans to their boyfriends"! Apparently they looked for men with "corkscrew" (read "creative") minds to dream up some of the more ambitious intelligence plans. Which led a barrister with a vivid imagination to organise one of the most imaginative and also significant operations of the Second World War. Buy the book now!

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