Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review of BabyBarista in Buzz Magazine

Nice review of BabyBarista and the Art of War in South Wales's cultural Buzz Magazine written by Tom Anderson, author of Grey Skies, Green Waves. It says:
"Written by a former barrister who quit the bar to become a surfer and writer, this is a scandalous story of a trainee at the Bar. From the first page it’s very satisfying to read, knocked together in short, witty episodes. A novel-version of the controversial blog by the same name, BabyBarista is full of naughty storylines and rips the law trade to pieces. ‘BabyB’ narrates his time as a pupil in one of London’s most reputed chambers. As the tale unfolds, his need to secure a job and pay off his mother’s debts means he throws himself in to the dark arts of the courtroom with alarming gusto. Mentored by a range of characters from the chambers in which it’s set, a battle take place for his soul. On one side is the warm and scrupulous ‘OldRuin’, a beacon among an endless roster of shysters and blood-lusting misers – the biggest of which are the arch-villains known as ‘TheBoss’ and ‘TopFirst’. Whatever you think of the law trade, it’s undeniably intriguing to read such a damning indictment of the class-riddled world of the Bar, and there’s even a warm-hearted morality-tale aspect to the story as well. Hilarious, addictive and fulfilling. Well worth a look."

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