Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sponsored Guest Post: Motorcycle accidents – getting what you deserve

If you ride a motorbike, chances are you’ve had your fair share of thrills and spills and if you’re particularly unlucky, maybe you’ve even come off once or twice. On a bike, a crash can have much more serious consequences than it might have if, say, you were in a car. Bikers aren’t protected by airbags, crumple zones, side impact bars or many of the electronic gizmos that drivers on four wheels take for granted to keep them safe if they lose control of their vehicle.
Come off your bike, and most of the time all you’ve got between you and the road are your leathers. A good quality set of leathers or man-made bike gear can save you from some cuts, grazes and friction burns, but nothing is going to stop more serious soft tissue injuries and broken bones. Relatively speaking, bikers are far more likely to suffer a serious injury or even to be killed in a road traffic accident.
A crash by itself is bad enough, but if that accident is someone else’s fault, it’s only going to feel worse. A car driver who pulled out from a side road without checking or a lorry that changed lanes and didn’t see you in the rear view mirror can all lead to nasty accidents for even the most careful and conscientious biker. In these circumstances, somehow the old excuse of “Sorry, I didn’t see you there” doesn’t quite cut it. Fortunately, a new service from Merseyside-based Camps Solicitors is bringing a no-nonsense approach to motorbike accident claims for bikers injured in accidents where they were not to blame.
The service, My Motorbike Claim, builds on the reputation Camps have when it comes to making compensation claims for other motorists. My Motorbike Claims brings together the legal expertise of Camps Solicitors and the real passion our dedicated motorbike accident solicitors have for biking.
With this winning combination, My Motorbike Claims will deliver an accident claim management package tailor made for bikers, to get them what they deserve.
Author: Neil Worrall

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