Wednesday, April 14, 2010

'Why Lawyers Should Surf' mentioned at

Nice plug for Why Lawyers Should Surf which I co-authored with Dr Michelle Tempest at which says among other things the following:

Fortunately for young lawyers they can adapt rather more quickly than evolution normally caters for. And the improving (lets be optimistic here) economy will provide plenty of new opportunities. Whether those will be in a new area of law or something else altogether is up to the individual.
No going back – here’s some inspiration:
1. Tim Kevan, author of Why Lawyers Should Surf.
2. Brian Moore, rugby player, manicurist and commentator/columnist.
3. Bob Mortimer, comedian.
4. Barack Obama, American President.
5. Alex Wade, beach bum. Formerly a lawyer with Carter-Ruck. He authored Wrecking Machine, which he followed with another book, called Surf Nation.
6. Oona O’Connell, Playboy Model. (pictured)
7. Tony Blair. Former lawyer, Prime Minister and band member. Now jet-setting statesman. Loaded. With great prospects for becoming really loaded.

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