Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Book recommendation: 'Day for Night' by Frederick Reiken

Heads up for Day for Night by Frederick Reiken which is a beautifully written book spanning the course of both the generations and a huge variety of people's lives. With a collection of first person narratives it subtly reminds us of the connections that there are between us which can often go unrecognised. A global village where memory, experience and intuition collide on so many different levels. This is what Henry Hitchens had to say in the Financial Times:

"Day for Night, for which fans have had to wait a decade, the New Jersey native seems set to become a literary star rather than merely a cult author … we may be reminded of David Mitchell’s novel Ghostwritten, and also of those modish films that explore chance and causality through multiple, related plots: Crash, Pulp Fiction, Amores Perros, Babel. This is a novel of considerable ambition and Reiken skilfully marshals a cast of complex characters across a variety of locations. Reiken is a soulful writer as well as an artful one, and the confidence with which he proceeds is remarkable … there’s no denying the essential force of his vision and the precise intelligence of his prose".

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