Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Book recommendation: 'Surfing Brilliant Corners' by Sam Bleakley

Surfing Brilliant Corners is a beautifully written book by Cambridge-educated multiple European, British and English longboard surfing champion Sam Bleakley . It follows his surf travels in the last ten years and is accompanied by some stunning photos from top surf photographer John Callahan. It also uses the metaphor of jazz both for surfing and ultimately I guess, life itself. It packs in some incredible trips which are well off the beaten track from the likes of Oman and Haiti to to China and Liberia. A great read and a wonderful contribution to the increasingly rich library of literature by British surfers from Andy Martin's Stealing the Wave and Walking on Water to Tom Anderson's Riding the Magic CarpetGrey Skies, Green Waves and Chasing Dean and Alex Wade's Surf Nation.

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Ana Maria Santeiro said...

John Callahan suggested me to offer Sam Beakley's book (also his) to the Brazilian Publishers. So, I came across your review on it and about you. Both of your books seemed very interesting too. Should I write to your agent for the Portuguese rights in Brasil (also a surf land)? I'm also working with Shaun Thomson's Surfer's Code in our maket.

Ana Maria Santeiro
AMS Agenciamento