Tuesday, June 15, 2010

DNA testing iPhone app from Cellmark

Great to see that businesses that service lawyers are now turning their sights to iPhone apps. One such is that produced by Cellmark who do DNA testing. The app is called iDNA and "is designed to provide you with the information you need before you decide to undergo DNA relationship testing" and includes a facility that "offers existing customers the opportunity to check the progress of their DNA testing case", whether they be lawyers, doctors or private individuals. It also includes "details of the wide range of different types of DNA relationship testing that Cellmark offers". Cellmark Marketing Manager Paul West says: "The key thing for the legal community is that it provides an aide memoire about DNA testing – offering advice on the effectiveness of each type of testing and also provides videos about the key issues and for existing customers of Cellmark they can quickly and simply check on the progress of a case."

Hat tip to John Bolch at Family Lore. Please note that whilst Cellmark sponsor my www.babybarista.com site, I am not being paid for this post.

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