Monday, July 5, 2010

Frame your photos with Phlib!

Heads up for a brilliant new way of framing your photos from Phlib run by my good friend Harry Singer, kitesurfer, surfer and top TV presenter. As the website says:

Psst! Not a lot of people know this.... your photographs are actually ALIVE! They have feelings too, you know. So how do you think they like being suffocated behind glass? Trapped in a box? Sentenced to Flickr? Or jailed on a hard-drive? Exactly! So FREE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS with a Phlib. It's the pain-free, friendly way of displaying your photos without torturing them (and yourself) with frames, clips, glass or backing panes. And why is it called a Phlib? It's short hand for Photo Liberation! Print your photographs. Smell your photographs. Touch your photographs. Love your photographs. Phlib your photographs! 

Have a look how they work hereYou can order direct from Oh, and check them out on BBC1 in a show called High Street Dreams on 9 July at 7pm where  famous fragrance genius Jo Malone and business tycoon Nick Leslau take Harry on a fantastical journey through time and space!

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Anonymous said...

Just seen your phlib frames on tv. What a wonderful idea. I like the idea of putting a frame on the wall and not having to take it apart to put a new photo in it. I'm off to place an order!