Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Minehead man designs a card game app for the Apple iPhone

Heads up for Minehead-born Jason Wright's latest computer game which he has specifically designed for Apple's iPhone and which has now been approved as an office App. It's is called ThreePlay (3Play). It’s a simple, yet addictive card game and cab be purchased on iTunes here. As Jason says:

"I got bored of all the same blackjack, poker, solitaire etc apps in the app store and decided to make a card game that was a little faster paced and more fun. The object is simple, make sets of three. Either a run of cards, for example 3,4,5 or Jack, Queen, King or three of a kind, 4,4,4, Ace, Ace, Ace. A same suit run gets you the most points at 1000 with a simple mixed run getting the least at 100. Three of a kind is 500. You get a bonus for Picture card runs on top. It sounds simple, and the basic concept is but once you get playing you realise it takes a little thinking and planning to get a good score. There are 4 card banks at the bottom for making the sets of three and 3 storage slots for one card each at the top. It’s a dual iPad/iPhone app and I am working in improvements already. I hope you like it!"

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