Monday, October 11, 2010

Plea for help for Everest's Lama Geshe

I have just received this email from top Everest mountaineer Dr Rob Casserley. It is a very worthy cause.

Dear all,
So sorry to write a group email, but time is short and the reason is very important. Sorry to any of you that I should have written to before but have not managed to do. Please don't hold this against me when considering the topic matter!
A couple of weeks ago, Lama Geshs very nearly died. You are being written to, because almost certainly you have had the pleasure/honour of meeting him and will know what a wonderful person he is and probably appreciate, in some way, that he may well have done something very positive for you. He lost the ability to move his Right Hand Side, couldn't talk or swallow and deteriorated very badly. Everyone thought that he had had a stroke. It was felt that he would die.
Thankfully Jigme, Lama Geshe's son, from whom the forwarded message is below, managed to organise enough funds to get him a helicopter to Kathmandu. It was found on CT scan of his brain, that he had in fact had a subdural haematoma and required neurosurgery. He underwent this immediately and thankfully, he is now making a good recovery. He is still bedbound (when I saw him 10 days ago in Kathmandu), but he is talking, eating, moving his right hand side etc.
Bottom line, the care for him in hospital and the helicopter ride was extremely expensive - in total I would guess that it will exceed $5000US. I think that the family need help in trying to cover this bill and hopefully you will join me in donating. I am in Pheriche at the moment, but will be donating $200 as a start point. Please join me in whatever you can manage, to help this amazing man.
As a matter of interest, having examined him in hospital, I sincerely believe that he can make a good recovery, perhaps almost full. But that depends on after care such as physiotherapy and good nursing care. He is suffering from a bedsore at the moment which may hold him back, but he is in good spirits and I believe ge is over the worst. Your money will be used for very positive reasons.
Jigme sent me an email with a link to a paypal account. Please get behind this. I will be doing so on my return to Kathmandu in 10days. I will check in n him again and give you all a progress report.
Thanks for all of your help, and PLEASE forward on this email to anyone that you may think I have left out and has an interest in Lama Geshe's recovery,
Cheers for now,
Rob Casserley, Pheriche
--------- Forwarded message ----------
From: jigme sherpa <>
Date: Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 6:22 AM
Subject: Thank you and Link for fund

Hello Rob,

It was really nice to see you today. Thank you so much for your continued support and care for my father. It means a lot to my family and Pangboche villagers. He is getting better day by day and things are looking much better compared to past week. I am sure Ang Nuru have told you about it. 

Below is a link for the donation. I am sure you will write to everyone you know in a respectable and dignified way, but just to reiterate please write with great care and stress that the fund only be only used for my father's health. And please add something about your visit today to the hospital.

Below are links to articles about my father, I like how it is written in IMG website.

Could you also send an email to Dave Morton. I am sure that he will have lots of friends and he can get the article on Alpine Ascents website.

Once again thank you so much,

Lama Geshe Family

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