Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sponsored blog post: Claiming compensation after an accident in a public place

Picture the scene; you’re visiting an office or business premises.  As you go to enter the building, you trip and fall.  When you get up, you notice that one of the steps up to the front door of the office gave way as you stood on it, causing you to trip up.
Whilst it may not be a situation that many of us have experienced, similar accidents can and do happen to dozens of people around the country every day.  Whether you have tripped up on a poorly maintained footpath or pavement, slipped on liquids spilt on a stairway, been hit by a falling object (such as a ceiling tile) or suffered any other injury in a public place or on a commercial premises through no fault of your own, it is your right to pursue a claim for compensation against those responsible.
Making a successful accident claim
In order to make a successful accident claim after suffering an injury in an accident on commercial premises or in a public place, you will need to prove that another person was responsible for your accident.  In the case of most compensation claims, this would be the owner of the premises, but it could also be the responsibility of the business that is renting the premises, or an external company that might be contracted to maintain the building and its surroundings. 
Finding out who was ultimately responsible for making sure that the area where your accident occurred was safe and well maintained can be a confusing and time consuming process.  This is just the kind of situation where a specialist accident claims solicitor could make all the difference as to whether your claim is a success or not.
As well as undertaking investigations to pinpoint the precise reasons for your accident, a personal injury solicitor can take the strain out making a claim in other ways.  As part of your claim, it is necessary to get medical evidence of your injuries from an independent medical expert.  Your solicitor will arrange for you to receive a consultation with a GP or a consultant specializing in the treatment of your particular injuries.  This ensures that any compensation settlement you are awarded is based on an accurate assessment of your injuries, their impact on your life and the length of time you are likely to need before you are fully recovered.
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Author: Neil Worrall

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