Monday, November 8, 2010

Review of 'The Wave' by Andy Martin

Very entertaining (and damning) review of 'The Wave' by Susan Casey in The Independent by my good friend Andy Martin, the author of Stealing the Wave which is my favourite non-fiction book ever written. Having pointed out that the author paid Laird Hamilton for his 'collaboration' the review concludes:

Laird has a feudalistic tendency to assume some kind of droit de seigneur over "Jaws" in Maui, Hawaii, one of the few waves on the planet to which the word "awesome" can reasonably be applied. So be it. But it looks stupid or besotted for a writer to jog along with this mentality and confine herself to saying, in summary, "Oh, Laird, you are sooooo wonderful, you great, gorgeous, rippling, sublime hunk of a guy!"