Friday, January 21, 2011

Magic and Voodoo - new surf clothing company

If there's one way of getting out of this recession it will be through entrepreneurs taking risks and creating jobs. So I'm delighted to see that a bunch of people on the South Wales Coast have set up a new surf wear business called Magic and Voodoo. They bring to mine good friends of mine: Tim Heyland who set up Tiki International and Gus and Ross Thomson who set up Saltrock. I wish them the best of luck. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sponsored blog post: A face to face service as part of an accident claim

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was not your fault and you are looking to make an accident claim, it is probably fair to say that in the days immediately after your accident, your priority is going to be on recovering, not on filling out mountains of paperwork to make your claim.  For many injured people, the prospect of making an accident claim might seem quite daunting – especially if they are still not feeling 100%.  This is why a no cost home visit service can really benefit injured accident victims as part of their claim.
As with most aspects of law in England and Wales, making an accident compensation claim requires a lot of paperwork to be filled in and exchanged between solicitors, the courts, expert witness, the claimant and the defendant.  Even with an increasing amount of the accident claims process taking place via online portals, an accident claim still entails the collection of a substantial amount of written evidence, witness statements and testimony from the accident victim.
Receiving a home visit from a representative of the solicitor dealing with your claim takes less time and doesn’t entail the travel costs associated with travelling to a meeting in the solicitor’s offices.  The meeting can be arranged around your schedule, making it possible to meet during your lunch hour or after work.  On the other hand, if you have children then your home visit could take place during the day when they are at school.  You should typically expect a home visit to last between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the type of accident claim you are going to make and how much information your solicitor has already had from you over the phone or through previous correspondence.

What to expect from a home visit
You don’t have to be worried about being bombarded by mountains of legal paperwork, at your home visit your solicitor’s representative will explain everything that you are asked to sign or fill in.  As a matter of course, anyone making a compensation claim should also be given contact details of their solicitor or the member of staff working on their claim at any point to allow them discuss their case over the phone or through email.
Typically a home visit will cover how your No Win No Fee claim will be funded, the insurance policy that is taken out on your behalf to cover you against having to pay any legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful and your solicitor’s terms and conditions.  You’ll then be asked about the circumstances of the accident and the representative will take down a brief description of the accident (you might also be asked to do a sketch plan of the accident scene).  You will probably also be asked about your injuries and how they are affecting you at work and during your daily routine.
Other topics that might be covered include your financial losses, as your solicitor will need to know how the accident has affected you financially.  This is so that he or she can make sure your accident claim covers all the money you have lost as a result of your accident.

Taking the strain out of your accident claim
The good news, if you are someone who was injured in a non-fault accident, is that the home visit service offered by Camps Solicitors really helps to make the process of claiming accident compensation simple and straightforward.  When you contact Camps, either by phone, email or through our website, our client liaison team will arrange for you to receive a home visit from one of our team of representatives to take down the important information we need from you to begin your accident compensation claim.

Author: Neil Worrall

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mention in Legal Week article on entrepreneurial lawyers

Here's an extract from Legal Week on lawyers who have become entrepreneurs by Sofia Lind.

From the ground up - ex-lawyers who found success going it alone

They say lawyers aren't the type to take a leap of faith into entrepreneurship, but Sofia Lind speaks to four ex-lawyers who found success in going it alone
"Lawyers don't make natural entrepreneurs, with law firm training geared towards risk management and cautiousness." This sentiment from one former lawyer sums up the general feeling about lawyers as businessmen.
While a number of lawyers have successfully cashed in their chips to start afresh with their own businesses, it seems that many of the City's finest believe these ex-lawyer entrepreneurs to be the exception rather than the rule...
The entrepreneurial Bar
Could it be that while solicitors are used to leaning on the security of their partnership that the self-employed barrister has a more natural make-up for entrepreneurship?
Tim Kevan is a barrister turned fiction author who also runs his own successful online webinar business. His first novel, Law and Disorder - Confessions of a Pupil Barrister (also known under working title BabyBarista and the Art of War), was derived from his acclaimed BabyBarista blog, while his second novel Law and Peace will be published by Bloomsbury in May 2011.
Kevan draws on his 10 years practising at 1 Temple Gardens in London. He specialised in credit hire, personal injury, civil fraud and sports law. Unlike many others who have left the law, he strongly intends to return to his practice, albeit in his new home of the West Country rather than the Big Smoke.
Kevan thinks the argument for barristers trumping solicitors as entrepreneurs is two-sided. On the one hand, barristers have the freedom to plan their own time and how much they work, but on the other, any day without work is a day without pay.
However, especially for his own writing career, he thinks being a barrister was helpful in developing his storytelling skills. He says: "Barristers are very much storytellers and communicators. You are constantly presenting the client's side of things in the best light possible." He thinks lawyers make good entrepreneurs: "Lawyers are bright, dynamic people so should translate quite easily into business people. As a barrister you are used to running your own business from day one."
And Kevan does have some advice that might suit the business-minded but risk-averse lawyer entrepreneur, whether they are a solicitor or not. "Go for it, if you want to. But the best advice is to start from the bottom up rather than the top down. Build up a base of customers first rather than just launching around a big idea. Then you are starting something that can grow organically."

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Special offer on 'Law and Disorder' audiobook!

Here's the publisher's press release for the launch of the audiobook of 'Law and Disorder' along with a special offer price of £16.33 at the bottom

Law and Disorder Launched on Unabridged Audio!

The new unabridged audio version of Law and Disorder has just been launched, featuring Tim reading every word himself.

“Its not often that we encourage authors to read their own work but Tim is a natural narrator,” said Dominic White of publisher Whole Story Audio Books.

Based on the long-running Times blog, Baby Barista opens a window onto the fascinating, secretive and frequently absurd ways of the legal profession. The book has met with lots of very positive reviews, and the unabridged audio brings all the humour.

Available now, you can order a copy of the 8 CD Law & Disorder from*

“We had a lot of fun recording the audio book, and Whole Story Audio Books really made sure that we got it spot on,” said Tim. “They only publish unabridged audiobooks so they are really focussed on the work of the author and turning it into excellent listening entertainment.”

Whole Story Audio Books publish more than 1300 unabridged titles across a wide range of genres available on their website.

* Special offer: Exclusive discount for Tim’s contact list – 20% off at – order Law and Disorder (8 CDs, 9.25 hours) for just £16.33 (RRP £20.41). Offer expires 28thFebruary 2011. Simply enter the following code into the shopping basket: LAWA-NDDI-SORD-ER01