Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of 'Law and Peace' by Carrefax blog

Very many thanks to Carrefax blog for reviewing my new book Law and Peace. You can read it here or below. You can buy the book on amazon.
Good ol’BabyB is back! Having caught [by every method of subterfuge at his disposal] the golden snitch we know as ‘tenancy’ in chambers (at the conclusion of Kevan’s first instalment of BabyBarista, Law and Disorder: Confessions of a Pupil Barrister), we reunite with BB as he embarks on his career as a fully-fledged junior member of the Bar of England and Wales. However, although the battle for tenancy is over, “the war has just begun”.

Those familar with the BabyB’s journey through pupillage in Law and Disorder will recall how he picked off his competition for the prized place in chambers. He stood by and watched as poor old Worrier brought a trumped claim for sex discrimination which blew up in her face [she has now joined the other side of the legal profession]. There was ThirdSix who ended up in a spot of bother when his papers for court were switched. BabyB also had time to stitch-up his first-six pupil master, The Boss. And, of course, there was TopFirst – BabyB’s sworn arch enemy who fell into the jaws of a honeytrap devised by our cunning little hero. That pompous little snotbag is now out for vengance and he’s pulling no punches.

The battlelines are drawn around BB’s first big case: BabyB, alongside OldSmoothie and TheVamp appears on behalf of group of charming senior citizen (the Moldies) who claim that their brains are being fried waves emitted from a mobile phone mast erected by a cynical telecoms company represented by none other than TopFirst lead by UpTights. Matters turn much darker than they ever did in Law and Disorder as BabyB and TopFirst resort, amongst other things, to insider dealing and witness tampering to advance their cause and land the other in the nasty stuff. There is even plot to brainwash the judge hearing the case to give judgment in favour of Moldies the help of a Derren Brown-like mentalist.

The murkier side of litigation is a major theme in Law & Peace and we see BabyB sailing dangerously close the dark side being caught as he so often is between a rock and a hard place. The massive debt BB’s mum ran up sending him up to Oxford has been bought up by his instructing solicitor in the Moldy case, SlipperSlope, who could foreclose on the sum at the drop of a hat leaving if BB and his mum homeless unless keeps hushed about the web of shady antics in which SlipperySlope and the ruthless ScandalMongerer have entangled him. And, at every step of the way, where evil lurks TopFirst is sure not to be far away.
The question is can BabyB (with the help benevolent mentor OldRuin) keep the dark forces at bay and save the day?

So, what can we all learn from Law & Peace? That all work and no play makes BabyB a dull and broken boy? Perhaps. One thing is for sure: If you loved Law and Disorder you’ll love Law & Peace just as much.
A blindingly decent read and a must for anyone with a thing for Myla underwear and Christian Louboutin heels…

Many thanks to you Mr Kevan for this wonderful book!