Monday, July 4, 2011

Sponsored blog post: Motorbike accidents in Sussex prompt safety film

The high percentage of motorcyclists being injured in accidents on roads in Sussex has prompted road safety campaigners to create a film showing bikers as role models.  It is hoped the film will reduce the number of motorbike accident claims in the area. In the film, titled Stay a Hero, Stay Safe, a young boy is shown turning his own pedal bike into a motorcycle so that he can be more like his father.  To do this he uses a variety of household objects including skittles, an umbrella and torches.

The film has been made by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership.  SSRP Manager, Ken Seymour, spoke to the BBC about his hopes that the film would help to reduce the number of motorcyclists being killed in accidents on Sussex roads.  Mr Seymour said, "Despite motorcyclists being a small proportion of road users, they make up a large percentage of casualties across Sussex.  Stay a Hero deliberately avoids laying blame of any sort and isn't your usual shocking public service film.  We hope that it will connect with our biker community, generate discussion and help to save lives on our roads."

The new film comes after road accident figures in Sussex over recent years revealed a rise in the number of fatal accidents involving motorcyclists.  According to figures from 2010, 56% of people killed in a road accident in the county were riding a motorbike at the time of their death.  The number of motorcyclists killed rose despite the overall number of road deaths falling. For more news and information relating to motorbike accidents visit the motorbike accident solicitors at Motorbike Accident Law.

Author: Neil Worrall

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