Saturday, July 16, 2011

A very sad day for English justice

I see that The Guardian law section have reported that for the first time in English legal history a judge delivered her own verdict on a serious criminal case after having dismissed the jury. This followed an allegation of jury tampering having been brought to her attention. As I argued in an article for the same section of The Guardian last year the provision which allows such judge-only trials should be abolished. It is sad to see that not only hasn't this happened but that it has now been used. Perhaps almost as sad is quite how little coverage this received in the press.

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litigant-in-person said...

No, not a sad day for English justice. Having met a couple of jurors, I'd rather be judged by a professional. No ouija boards, no spinning of dice, flipping of coins, no prejudice. Try getting 12 people to agree in a committee, it's amazing juries have lasted so long. The jury system is long past its sell-by date. It's time for professional, educated jurors who can see through a barrister's tricks.