Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sponsored blog post: Falls at work – stairway accidents

Falling accidents at work are amongst the most common type of accident in the workplace. According to work injury statistics published by the Health and Safety Executive, in recent years stairs were the second most common feature of low fall accidents (falls of less than two metres), just behind ladders. There are around 1000 major accidents on sets of stairs within workplaces in the UK every year. The construction of sets of stairs in a building has a large influence on the likelihood that an accident will take place upon them.  For example, some older buildings may have handrails, but these may not meet the standards set out in current regulations for height and construction. There are a number of laws covering the safe design and construction of stairs within the workplace, including the Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992.  If regulations have been breached, either because of the poor initial design of the stairs in your workplace, or by the presence of hazards on the stairs such as loose wires or other objects, then an employer may be liable for any injuries that occur to staff who trip or falls whilst using the stairs.

Claiming compensation after a fall on a stairway
Our work accident solicitors can help you to claim work injury compensation if you have suffered a fall at work. It might be that the stairway was not fitted with handrails for you to hold, a liquid was spilled on the steps or the steps themselves were poorly constructed. Whatever the reason for your accident, provided it was not your fault then you could be entitled to make a work compensation claim.

Author: Neil Worrall

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