Friday, September 30, 2011

Sponsored blog post: I Hurt My Back At Work What Should I Do?

Employees injuring their backs at work is fairly common. This is especially true if you have a physically demanding job. For example, nurses, warehouse workers and builders are likely to have roles at work involving lifting heavy objects, such as patients, crates or machinery. As lawyers we are often asked; I hurt my back at work what should I do?.

If you have injured your back at work you should do the following:

• Immediately report the incident to your employer
• Follow your employer's procedures regarding injuries and illnesses, such as obtaining sick notes
• Consult your GP and follow any medical advice that you are given

If you feel that your back injury was due to the negligence of your employer, a fellow worker, or a substandard system of work, then you may consider talking to a specialist personal injury solicitor. Before you contact a lawyer, note down the following points so that you are well prepared to give an accurate picture of your work role, and the circumstances surrounding your injury.

• What does your job entail, and which part of your role do you feel caused the injury.
• Did your employer give you manual handling training?
• Make a note of the weight of the objects that you were required to lift.
• Draw a diagram of how you were expected to lift these objects.
• Were you given any machinery to assist you?

Workers should seek advice from specialist back injury solicitors to establish if they have a claim.

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