Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sponsored blog post: Abide by UK Divorce Rules for a Problem-Free Separation

The mere idea of filing for a divorce in the United Kingdom can prove to be an intimidating task for anybody. The picture of splitting up from your spouse can undoubtedly be a painful experience, but the actual divorce procedure can also be as painful if it is not carried out properly. If you want a successful separation from your partner without any difficulty, it is essential to comprehend the divorce rules and process in the UK. A complete understanding of the rules will assist you in getting over the impediments that you might otherwise go through.     

According to the divorce rules here, it is a mandatory that one of the partners has resided in the country all through the year preceding the split up. In case none of the parties contends the divorce, then the process for an undefended divorce will be initiated, which consumes a minimum of 6 months. In the absence of any kids or real property in common, you do not even need a solicitor. The judge will come to a decision known as decree nisi and you won’t have to present yourself before the judge at the proceeding. The UK divorce rules state that after the passing of 6 weeks from the decree nisi, the applicant will seek the ultimate decree absolute that marks the legal termination of a marriage. In case one partner contests the divorce, a defended divorce process will commence and the need for a solicitor will arise.  

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