Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas competition - win signed copies of my two BabyBarista novels!

With Christmas looming, I have decided to hold a competition in order to help encourage people to buy my two BabyBarista novels Law and Peace and Law and Disorder which are both published by Harry Potter's very own Bloomsbury Publishing. First prize will be a signed copy of both novels, second prize will be a signed copy of Law and Peace and third prize a signed copy of Law and Disorder. In order to enter, all you have to do is to promote either or both of the books in some way. It might be through forwarding this post, tweeting about the books or through giving them a mention on Facebook or by email to your friends. It might simply be by mentioning them at a meeting of your law society, book group or, frankly, even down the pub. Whatever it is, please put the details in the comment below this post (I've changed the settings so that you only need to leave your name and email). Put as many details as you like (eg number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers, people down the pub you drunkenly mentioned it to, etc). If it's a tweet then if you mention @babybarista I'll be able to see it. For other things I guess I'll have to rely on the fact that you're mostly lawyers or lawyers in training and therefore of the very highest moral standing in terms of honesty and integrity (!) The closing date is midnight on 23rd December and I will then decide at my complete and utter (and totally subjective) discretion who are to be the various winners and contact you to get the postal address where you'd like me to send the prize.

For your information, Law and Disorder (2009) was described by The Times as "a cross between The Talented Mr Ripley, Rumpole and Bridget Jones's Diary" and Law and Peace (2011) was described by the Daily Mail as a "funny, sharp account of backstabbing Bar life...highly recommended" and by broadcaster Jeremy Vine as "a novel bursting with invention". Both books are available at


Separation, Divorce and Children Legal Advice said... advertised your books to over 400 friends on my Facebook account (George Arthur Smith). Fingers crossed for a win !

Anonymous said...

As a fellow writer, I salute you! Tweeted about you and your new books to a humble following of 96 people. I'm an unknowm. I wish better for you in the success of your publication! Happy reading, writing, and holidays.

Stacey said...

Oh damn! I've missed the closing date, how disappointing - nevertheless I shall share your blog address with my Twitter peeps. Merry Christmas!