Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's have a more grown up debate on the so-called compensation culture

It's all very well David Cameron having yet another go at the so-called compensation culture but the level of debate which ensues really doesn't do anyone justice. Yes, most people know there's a big problem with fraudulent claims and there may well be plenty of others where the word exaggeration is used as  a euphemism for the same thing. But on the other hand to go around suggesting that cases where the speed of impact is less than 15mph should be treated differently to others is starting to veer into the realm of the absurd. Besides the obvious evidential difficulties this would raise, there is also the egg-shell skull principle that every victim should be taken as they are found. Some people are more susceptible than others. That's before you start looking at the other issues it would raise such as different cars having different weights and momentums. It would be a lawyer's field day and a classic example of so much meddling undertaken by the last government where perfectly well-intentioned but ill-thought out legislation ends up having the opposite effect to that which was intended. If you want to tackle fraud then do just that. Don't instead start tinkering with the process of justice which affects us all.

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