Thursday, February 9, 2012

The value of silence

I'm just about to go off tomorrow for an 8-day retreat at St Beunos in North Wales (so any posts after that are ones that have been done beforehand and scheduled!) Anyone who knows me will realise that the idea of complete silence will be something which might be somewhat of a challenge. But it makes me reflect far more than that on quite how much noise we have in our everyday lives at present. Whether it's from mobile phones or computers we're now almost permanently plugged into the net. Even when I went on a trek to Everest Base Camp a couple of years ago there was internet access for much of the way there. I remember when I started doing my first cases as a barrister in 1997 that I had to telephone solicitors from a phone box when you were away at court. That soon changed and although a convenience it also meant that you were permanently on call to anyone who might care to ring at any time of the day. There's not really a point to this other than to lament the erosion of silence. Though of course I may well think very differently come the end of the retreat!

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