Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hip replacements, litigation and the licensing of operations

Earlier this year the newspapers were reporting on people potentially having to replace breast implants. Now The Independent is reporting that patients with metal hip implants may need to have annual medical checks due to possible health risks such as severe pain and long term disability. No doubt the lawyers will be on this in a flash but the flip side is that it really does make you wonder quite how rigorous the checks are on these various operations before they are allowed to be performed. Now, I fully realise that too many rules can stifle innovation and all. But even so, there does seem to be a feeling of one thing after another at the moment with these sorts of problems potentially affecting tens of thousands of people in this country alone.

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Jennifer Bridge said...

Slightly tongue in cheek comment but when cooking we're told not to use a metal spoon in a metal pan- surely metal on metal hip replacements are wrong for the same reason?