Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Save the Children show how a modern day campaign should be run

There's a fascinating article by Ben Hewitt in The Guardian today about just how to run a modern day global campaign harnessing all of both traditional and modern social media. Ben is the Global Campaigns Operations Director for Save the Children and describes how they set up a multi-lingual global tweet chat which eventually reached an audience of over five million. This included organising a tweeting team with participants as varied as the President of Tanzania, the Rwandan Minister of Health and the restaurant critic Jay Rayner as well as making it available to other web users via a twebevent online platform. The point was that whilst this didn't replace traditional media and events (70% of the world is still not online) it was an imaginative way of harnessing activists, opinion formers and the online audience as a whole. Great for their campaign but also a fascinating insight into how future campaigns might also be run. I'm thinking in particular of the upcoming US presidential election campaign and further down the line, the UK general election or even the vote on Scottish independence. It's great to see charities leading the way and helping to mould social media into a force for good and for that congratulations to Ben and everyone at Save the Children.

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