Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sponsored post: MP calls for faster compensation for mesothelioma sufferers

An MP has called for more to be done to ensure that mesothelioma sufferers can make timely asbestos compensation claims before they succumb to their condition. The MP for York Central, Hugh Bayley, called on the Work and Pensions Minister, Chris Grayling, to fast-track the compensation claims made by people suffering from mesothelioma.  Those affected by the asbestos-related cancer include hundreds of people in Mr Bayley’s own constituency, where a substantial number of former employees of the town’s railway carriage works have so far died from the aggressive and incurable cancer.   As of this month, 141 people in York have died from mesothelioma, with most cases involving former railway employees.

Under the current compensation system, sufferers of mesothelioma can claim compensation from their former employers, if their condition was caused by exposure to asbestos fibres whilst at work.  However pursuing these claims through the courts, or even to an out-of-court settlement can take time – which is something many sufferers might find they do not have very much of.  An early payment system administered by the Royal Courts of Justice is available which can provide interim payments before a final claim is completed.  There are concerns however that this scheme might become a victim of its own success, becoming overloaded by claims from people seeking faster compensation for their condition.

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