Thursday, May 17, 2012

Are law firms coming up smelling of roses?

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Is consolidation under a single brand the way forward for small law firms? It worked for florists with Interflora, why not the local solicitors practice? For some firms it’ll work, but I can’t help feel sorry for are those seemingly eager to discard their history and identity because they can’t see an alternative. I found it quite disconcerting when a firm local to me - “X and Co. est. 1800 and something” - cast aside the brand they had sustained for many years and rebranded entirely under one of the popular schemes.

Will it make members of the public more likely to use them next time they come to sell their house, need a will or divorce? Possibly - and giving people greater access to legal services is a good thing. But these schemes live and die by their brand positioning which is exactly what these firms have given up. So will this ‘Interflora’ method succeed? The problem is lawyers and florists are different. The level of trust and security needed when deciding who will be your florist and who will be your solicitor is slightly different! One brand currently on a big marketing push has had a few goes creating an identity the general public can trust. It’s their second or third bite of the cherry now and I’m not sure how many more attempts they are going to be given.

Steven Astley is a Senior Associate at Colemans-ctts Solicitors, working in the personal injury department. 

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