Wednesday, May 2, 2012

'Surfing Tropical Beats' by Sam Bleakley - Surf adventure with soul

A big heads up for a really incredible new book by top surfer and writer Sam Bleakley and the very talented surf photographer J.S.Callahan called Surfing Tropical Beats. It follows on from their excellent Surfing Brilliant Corners and takes them on more extreme surf adventures where the journey is just as important as the destination. In this book, they visit Gabon, India, Vietnam, Algeria and China. But it is their visits to Haiti both before and after the quake which perhaps best sum up what this book is about. It's about travel, it's about the environment and it's most definitely about waves. But above all it's about the human condition and in particular how the journeys to the highest mountains (or in this case the remotest waves) always take you through the deepest valleys. How pain, suffering and redemption can bring us closer both to one another and also to something greater than ourselves. Something which some of us may call God and others simply a higher power. All of which is written with the lightness of touch that reflects not only Sam's love of longboarding but of jazz, both of which infuse every page. A fantastic book which  journeys into the heart of darkness where the music, the waves and above all the people give us hope. You can buy it at

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