Friday, June 22, 2012

Review of 'Law and Peace' at

Very many thanks to Claude Francois at for reviewing my book Law and Peace. You can read the review here and extracts are. You can buy the book on amazon.

"This funny and highly enjoyable fictional novel follows a young barrister, BabyB, as he navigates his way through potential financial ruin, a complicated love life, difficult cases and an intelligent nemesis out to ruin him. The novel is filled with outrageous tales from the bar, amusing characters and a fair amount of illegal and immoral activity from the lawyers...“Law and Peace” comes alive when it deals with BabyB’s love life. One feels that the core of this book is romance and a call to young city workers to make good use of their lives. Solicitors or barristers are faced with intense pressure and spend significant hours dedicated to their careers. The author manages to artfully sneak in a touching self help message about the importance of making time for the ones you care about despite the pressures that a professional career can bring. The world that Tim Kevan has created is a fascinating and engrossing one. One cannot help but look forward to the next instalment of BabyB’s adventures."

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