Friday, September 7, 2012

Small claims limit still undecided

Just before leaving the Ministry of Justice, Jonathan Djanolgy MP said the following following in the House of Commons in response to a question from Rosie cooper MP:

"On 2 May 2012, I announced that the Government will consult on whether to amend the small claims threshold for damages for personal injury claims. The consultation document and its related impact assessments will be published shortly and will be available to download from both the Ministry of Justice and Citizen Space websites. No decisions will be taken on the way forward in this area until all responses to the consultation document and other stakeholder submissions have been considered. Ministry of Justice, Department of Health and HM Treasury officials have been working closely together to develop the consultation proposals and accompanying impact assessments. The latter will consider the effect of the proposals on all impacted groups, including law firms and claimants. The Government welcomes contributions and evidence from all stakeholders on the potential impacts of these proposals on all affected groups."

Please note that the quotation from Hansard above is Parliamentary Copyright and is published under the Open Government Licence.

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