Friday, September 14, 2012

Sponsored post: Victims can claim for embarrassing or bizarre injuries as well…

Outrageous compensation claims are creating a bad name for the solicitors who work hard to ensure genuinely injured victims receive the financial damages they deserve. In a poll conducted by AXA and the Insurance Times 86% of readers believed Britain now lives in a ‘compensation culture’. Earlier this year, David Cameron took an axe to job-destroying compensation laws and vowed to make this a year in which we kill off the health and safety culture for good. His actions were not down to the genuine injuries which people rightly make a claim for, but for the trivial cases which have not only wasted the solicitors time, but also often costs thousands of pounds in wasted tax payers money. What concerns me is this sort of attitude may put off people who are seriously hurt in injuries, but believe it might not be worth making a claim, even though it was no fault of their own, no matter how bizarre or embarrassing the event was. However this got me wondering what kind of accidents are classified as the weirdest 'personal injury' cases which resulted in a serious, legitimate injury and where does the line end for a bizarre accident? Below I've found some of the strangest claims made over the past year.

Some unusual personal injury claims
01 - A man successfully made a claim after leaning on a balcony which gave way whilst having a cigarette, resulting in a serious fall down to ground level.
02 - After loading products into the back of a lorry, a man successfully gained damages after becoming injured by a fellow driver getting into the lorry and driving away, failing to realise that he was still in the back with the doors wide open. The claimant subsequently fell out of the moving vehicle.
03 - A young women walking through a restaurant slipped in a large puddle of gravy on the floor and successfully won her claim after suffering a back injury as a result.
04- A gentleman who had already injured one leg after a nightclub dancing incident, managed to injure the other after trapping his crutches in an unrepaired pothole whilst walking through his local park.
05 - A man claimed damages after falling through the floorboards beneath him whilst at work. He was left hanging until the fire brigade arrived to extract him.
06 - A Chemist store security barrier unexpectedly fell on a shopper’s head.  The gentleman suffered serious head injuries as a result.
07 - A women who was stuck in a lift at her local bingo hall for 15 minutes successfully claimed damages for serious distress and potential suffocation. 
08 - A scooter driver was knocked off unexpectedly after a car park barrier came down without warning, leaving the man with serious injuries.
09 - A woman in the hot tub of her local gym sustained serious injuries after she was sucked into the filter, causing damage to her back and neck.
10 - An elderly man was injured when his mobility scooter spontaneously combusted. He was forcibly dragged away from the flames by witnesses. 

As you can see, these are real injuries caused by others that go beyond the traditional claims which come to mind when people talk about personal injury claims.

About the author:  Sean Gordon works as a Senior Solicitor in the Neil Hudgell Solicitors personal injury claims team helping those who are injured in an accidents, however strange, to claim compensation if they have a right to do so.

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