Monday, September 3, 2012

Sponsored post: What NOT to put on a legal CV

Aside from the standard advice, we’d recommend you avoid including any of the following on your legal CV:

  • “Failed BPTC with relatively high grades.”
  • “In my previous job, I was responsible for fraudulent claims.”
  • “My skills include: strong work ethic; attention to detail; team player; self motivated; attention to detail”
They might even be plausible, but best to just be honest otherwise you’ll soon get found out. Did you really:
  • Give legal advice to friends and family members from the age of 8?
  • Act as PA to the Mayor of London?
Lapses into anecdotal wordiness
This is supposed to be a taut, streamlined and professional document:
  • “I do have some experience of conflict resolution… like the time my sister took my mum’s car keys out of her handbag and went joyriding with her mates and I had to act as a go-between for several hours when she got back and I eventually got them both at the table and we sorted everything out and my sister conceded she’d been wrong to do that and I think that’s where my love of law came from and…”
Bragging about mundane skills
  • When it comes to Word 97-2003, I’m a master.
Standard advice (just in case you’ve forgotten)
  • No typos or grammatical errors
  • Don’t lead with useless information about your primary school education
  • Fancy graphics, images, colours and fonts do not enhance your CV
  • Don’t waffle on for page after page, and don’t completely fill every square inch of space and ruin the readability
  • Your marital status and cleanliness of your driving license aren’t that important - don’t include personal information that has no bearing on your ability to do the job
Your CV can be a powerful document, make the most of it.

Thanks to Anna Gibbons, Corporate Communications Manager at Sellick Partnership, for submitting this post. Sellick Partnership can help you find your perfect job in law. Browse their latest list of jobs in the legal sector and apply today.

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