Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sponsored post: New trend for splitboards

 Skiers will always give you their reasons why skiing is so much better than snowboarding. And while most snowboarders take this on the chin, there is one advantage of skiing. That is, the ability of skiers to go uphill by using skins on the bottom of their skis. Uphill skiing is part of the sport of ski touring. But now snowboarders have the solution. A splitboard is a snowboard that can be split in half to create skis for “skiing uphill”, before putting the board back together for the ultimate thrills of snowboarding down again.

What is ski touring?Until now, back country skiing and ski touring have mostly been the preserve of the skier. With skinned up skis, skiers can ascend and traverse snow-packed mountains. Taking the skins off then allows skiers to come back downhill. For snowboarders, it’s always been a bit of a compromise. Walking uphill is aided by “comfier than skiing” boots but the weight and shape of the snowboard has meant that carrying the board is slow and hard-going.

Now the splitboard overcomes the problem.Take an ordinary snowboard, the designers have split it vertically in half to create something resembling two fat skis. Skin up these fat skis and the snowboarder can leave the busy lifts behind, skiing up pristine faces of untouched snow using manpower alone. At the top, the "skis" slot back together to form a normal board for the run back down. And as any snowboarder can tell you, nothing beats the feeling of floating sideways through deep powder. Gone are the days when snowboarders can only look on in envy as skiers skin up and ski uphill, because now it’s the turn of the snowboarders to make skiers jealous! If you heading off skiing this year make sure you visit, they have a great range of ski clothing, helmets and accessories.

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