Monday, November 19, 2012

Where to Look for Free Legal Advice

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Legal advice is by far and away the most important consideration for anyone intending on seeking legal proceedings, on any matter. The initial advice will clear any doubts in one’s mind regarding whether they are pursuing a worthy venture and provide some well needed clarity for people unsure on where it is they stand on certain disputes.

Now, legal advice can be a costly affair. Many lawyers will charge an hourly rate for a consultation, or others will expect a flat fee to oversee proceedings. Another, more rare option is attorneys who work on a contingency. This means they will take a cut of any compensation or pay-outs received as a result of a victory. Though, these can often-times prove to be a relatively high percentage of the winnings and can result in people paying over the odds for legal counsel.

Free Consultations Increasingly, however, many attorneys will provide a free initial consultation. This means you not only receive the highest quality, trustworthy, professional advice, but will save you hundreds of dollars in the process. For this reason; it’s definitely worth shopping around to find attorneys which offer this service. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that depending on the case and its level of complexity, it may be difficult to find attorneys offering free consultations for certain matters. Though, for personal injuries, compensation claims and other related cases you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find an attorney offering free consultations.

Online The internet is also a wealth of legal counsel, and the only cost often required, is that of your laptop and broadband connection. There are dozens of websites offering free-legal advice. (A simple Google search will return dozens of reputable sources). Many of these simply require your e-mail address and some minor details, or for you to sign up to their service. Now, we cannot claim the legitimacy of every website, as fundamentally anybody could be replying to your question. Though most have strict regimes ensuring they only allow accredited attorneys the ability to submit responses. As with everything on the web, it’s best not to take everything as gospel and simply use the services to weigh up whether it is worth seeking further counsel.

Pro Bono A venture certainly worth investigating is that of pro bono legal counsel. This is a service offered by lawyers and other such professionals, giving free or substantially cheaper services to particular members of society. Those who cannot afford expensive legal fees should be applicable to achieve the legal help they need free of charge via these services. An accepted quota is that pro bono is available to those earning under approximately 125 per cent of the federal poverty level. Also, pro bono services have been offered on ethical grounds since the start of the legal profession in the USA and are almost obligatory for many attorneys. The American Bar Association (ABA) encourages lawyers to contribute at least 50 hours per year to pro bono legal cases, though this figure is contested due to changes from state to state.  For example, the New York Bar Association recommends just 20 hours per year so it’s worth investigating to what extent your state advocate’s pro bono legal counsel.
The advice you receive before proceeding with any legal case is integral to the future of your fight. It is essential to ensure your cause is a worthy one, and that there is ample chance of victory. Quite frankly, it is also fundamentally foolish to pay over the odds for a legal consultation that you could get for free elsewhere.  However, whatever you decide ensures you know all of your rights and that you are completely familiar with your entitlements.

Author Bio: This post is by David Williamson who works as content writer.

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