Monday, December 17, 2012

Personal Injuries Whilst On Holiday

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When you’ve spent the past three weeks frantically washing, drying and packing clothes for an entire family, you’re bound to miss out a few things.  If one of these things is travel insurance, you might be mistaken in thinking that you’re not entitled to any personal injury claims pay out if you injure yourself whilst on holiday.  Personal injury claims are all about negligence of a third party, and this doesn’t change over borders.

Common Causes of Injuries/Illness Abroad
At the end of a stressful year, you’re probably likely to let your hair down during your holidays.  Letting your guard down when you’re relaxing and having fun might be feel good after a stressful year, but in a foreign country there are a whole sequence of unfortunate circumstances which can jeopardise your health.  Unfortunately your relaxed manner couldn’t come at a worse time, when you’re in unaccustomed surroundings which unique circumstances that you’re probably not used to.
High-risk activities like jet-skis, diving, snowboarding and skiing are some of the leading contributors to injuries sustained abroad.  Driving amongst unfamiliar roads and rules can lead to dangerous mistakes which emergency services in less wealthy countries can sometimes fail to deal with. 
When travelling, you must do all you can to avoid these circumstances from occurring.  Needless to say you shouldn’t be drinking and driving, but you can often get carried away when you’re having fun in a strange environment.  Always check the integrity of your rental cars and resist the urge for the dangerous European mopeds, scooters and quad bikes.  Always wear flotation jackets on boats, participate in activities in groups and one of the most forgotten and committed mistakes; don’t drink and swim!

Claiming Whilst Abroad
The blurring of lines and boundaries whilst abroad can often make you feel as if you’re partially to blame for your injury or illness.  You should always check with professional solicitors and lawyers to find out if this is the case.  Even if it is, you can sometimes be eligible for partial compensation.
The process is very similar to claiming whilst at home, but it’s even more imperative to build up a substantial document collection.  Any treatments made by doctors and receipts from the events concerned should be kept safe.  High profile accidents like jet ski crashes will often attract a crowd, try to get some credible witness testimonials down on paper and signed by local officials.  Get in touch with your chosen personal injury lawyers as soon as possible, speed is key to assuring a successful claim.

Byline:  This article was a guest post from Thompsons Scotland Solicitors.

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