Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Sponsored post: Avoiding injury at work

Injuries in the workplace can be especially stressful, not only are you injured and unable to work, you may fear retaliation if you decide to claim compensation from your employer. Every business that hires employees is required to have injury liability insurance in case of accidents that result in injury occurring to their staff or patrons. This insurance is what pays out if you make a claim against your employer and not them personally.

If you are concerned as to what rights you and your employer have to agree a claim, consult with your personal injury attorneys to check if your employer has any legal right to terminate your contract if you decide to claim against them.   

Type of employment
Some professions are considered to be more hazardous than others. For example construction worker or police officer may be professions that are considered hazardous in different ways. Working in a shop may not be considered hazardous at all but all employers must set some level of health and safety legislation. Employers that can be proven to be in breach of that code are liable to give compensation to the affected employee(s).

It is your responsibility as an employee to be vigilant for your own health and safety and report any hazards to the management team. Once the hazard is reported, it is their responsibility to ensure it is dealt with within a reasonable amount of time. Failing to deal with the hazard will result in the business being liable for any accidents caused by that hazard. A spillage that has not been cleaned properly and where there are no warning signs is an example of the employer being liable for any accidents caused as a result.

The catering and food industry can be a fairly risky place to work. With the proper training and a vigilant health and safety team, they are completely safe, however if there is hot kitchen equipment such as grills and vats, burns and slips are likely accidents waiting to happen.

In these cases, each accident must be logged in the accident book and liability must be established quickly if there is a claim to be made as there is a fine line between what you are responsible to look out for and what the employer is required to look after. If you are injured be very sure that you have evidence that accident was a result of the employer’s negligence and not your own.    

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