Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Can Injuries Really Cause PTSD?

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Being involved in an accident is something nobody wishes to face. No matter what the consequences, lethal or otherwise, the dangerous, painful and damaging ramifications can last what feels like a lifetime, and make life inherently awkward, leaving you struggling to accomplish simple tasks such as getting around, operating a door handle or using cutlery. We want to avoid them at all costs, but, true to their name, accidents do indeed happen and are often largely inevitable at some point during our lives.

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, in its full form, is a very serious type of anxiety that can affect all aspects of your life, often leaving people who were once outgoing and sociable people, practically unrecognizable in terms of personality. Many things in the past have been defined as being a direct cause of PTSD, however one recent Australian study has shown that certain injuries, particularly those in the wrist or ankle can cause significant and dangerous PTSD.

As areas of the body particularly susceptible to sprain and injury containing integral tendons that allows us to function with the dexterity required to go about one’s day, once they are damaged, they can leave us feeling incomparably vulnerable, which can in turn, lead to an almost constant level of distress in the mind.

With wrists and ankles in particular, the injuries are often complicated due to the huge array of bones and ligaments in those joints. Indeed, many people who first receive an injury that is not their fault do not pursue it legally, presuming everything will be alright. This often isn’t the case and as the damage and pain develops, there is an increased chance of the injury worsening, potentially leading to PTSD.

What should be done in the event of receiving any injury is to have it checked out. Next, personal injury compensation claims are often a good idea as, should the pain and damage indeed worsen, you could be left unable to work, and be in need of financial aid to keep up with bills, rent and other out goings.

Essentially, ensuring you have your finances covered in the event of an accident is one way of helping to ensure  you do not develop the kind of anxiety associated with PTSD that can come from suffering with any sort of temporary disability. Keep yourself covered, whatever happens!

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