Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What sort of things can I claim for in a personal injury claim

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People are always reading or hearing about accident claims and how much so and so managed to recover in a particular case. But it's not always clear to people what exactly people are in fact claiming for. This article provides an introduction to the types of claim which can be made.

Pain, suffering and loss of amenity
One of the main parts of an accident claim is often that for pain, suffering and loss of amenity. This is basically the personal injury element of the claim and there are set guidelines and cases which the lawyers follow in determining how much an injury is worth. Generally, they don't tend to be worth as much as people might expect and usually this is in the region of a few thousand (and sometimes just a few hundred) pounds unless the injury is particularly serious.

Loss of earnings
Sometimes one of the biggest parts of a claim can be loss of earnings. The general rule is that when someone has been negligently injured by another the law tries to put them back in the same position (financially at least) as they would have been had the accident not occurred. So if you lost earnings or are going to lose earnings in the future then a claim can be made. So, too, if simply your capacity to earn has diminished.

Cost of care
People can claim for the cost of professional care both in the past and also any that may be needed into the future. In certain circumstances they can also claim compensation for voluntary care which is given or will be given in the future and this is always something which is worth investigating further.

Damage to a car
If your car has been damaged then you can claim the cost of repair although if the car is a write-off then you can claim the pre-accident value of the car (possibly less the amount it's worth after the accident).

Financial expenses
If a particular injury causes someone to be out of pocket or again is likely to do so in the future then this is also usually claimable. This might include things such as the cost of a gardener or certain medical expenses and the like.

There are particular rules for claiming a small amount of interest and again it is always worth investigating this generally smaller head of damage.

Other heads of damage
There are various other heads of damage which might sometimes arise but the above does provide a good basic introduction to some of the major types of claim.

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