Monday, February 3, 2014

The Top 10 Universities in the UK for Studying Law: Examining Student Satisfaction

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It is apparent that the subject of Law is continuing to be of great interest to students in the UK, despite the competitive nature of acquiring the top jobs after completing university and further education. There are many areas of Law that appeal to students, whether it is to do with criminal cases, or even injuries sustained in the workplace (you can read more about that topic here).

Therefore it is quite interesting to have a look at the universities in the UK that are ranked highest for Law courses. What is surprising about the 2013 statistics is that the top 10 aren’t all awarded the highest levels for student satisfaction. You can see the overall results on the website of The Completer University Guide which has, for example, Cambridge in first place and Strathclyde in tenth.

What helps all of these universities to score so highly is the fact that they boast very good graduate prospects, something that is clearly important to many students once they have completed their studies. University College London was awarded the most points in this area, with 89 out of 100.

Yet if you take the time to look at the chart on the website you will notice that Edinburgh, Glasgow, King’s College London and Strathclyde do not score quite so high for student satisfaction levels. In fact, the UK universities that achieved the highest points in this area were Greenwich, Nottingham and Newcastle - two of which didn’t even make it into the top ten list overall.

The measure of student satisfaction comes from the National Student Survey, which is handed out to final year students at the end of the academic calendar. It is effectively a measure of the teaching quality at the university, as decided by the students who have just done the course themselves. However it is worth noting that the survey is only an opinion, and is not a direct measure of quality.

One belief is that the most well-known universities could end up being scored lower purely down to the fact that expectations are often higher. Some lower ranked universities can outperform the UK’s finest institutions in this area if students are surprised at the good quality of their seminars and lectures.

What you should keep in mind if you want to study Law:
If you are looking to get involved with Law by studying at a UK university, it is wise to use these league tables as a guide instead of only applying to those that have top marks in every area. Ultimately you will know what it is important for you to achieve your end goals, so graduate prospects might be the area you want to focus on the most.

You should aim to attend your chosen university with an open mind and without too many expectations. By working hard at any institution, you will get the most out of your course as possible. Remember, each student has a different experience so don’t let ‘low’ student satisfaction points put you off too much.

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