Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Kevin Carr - round the world runner from Devon!

What a privilege to get out and support Kevin Carr today as he comes towards the end of his gruelling round the world run. All things being well, by tomorrow evening he will have broken the record for running over 16,000 miles around the world. It's a mind-blowing feat that has included running through Australia's Nullarbor Desert, over the Andes and even being stalked by a black bear in Canada. You can read more about this at The Independent and on his website. He's also raising funds for the British Red Cross and mental health charity Sane and you can donate here.

It's a rare privilege to meet someone achieving something so extraordinary and all the more so when he is so understated and humble about the whole thing. It brings to mind Hugh Symonds who 25 years ago this year ran the first continuous traverse of the 3,000 foot mountains of Britain and Ireland (which you can read about in his book here).

So, here's to Kevin completing the run in fine style tomorrow. After that, wouldn't it be great to see him up there in the running for Sports Personality of the Year?

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