Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Who is Eligible for Parole in the UK?

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Persons who are detained for different criminal offences in the UK can apply for parole and be released before the sentence is over. There are particular conditions to obtain a parole, which we are going to describe in this article.
Who can apply for parole in the UK?
From the beginning, it is good to know that individuals who need to serve less than four years imprisonment in the UK are not eligible for parole. On the other hand, if the authorities extended your sentence or you have a fixed-term sentence of four years or more, you can apply and obtain parole. According to the rules and regulations in the UK, a person who is sentenced can apply for parole up to six months before the initial release date from prison. The authorities will analyze the applicant’s behaviour in this time, if he/she is ready to rehabilitate in the society and if he/she will not intend to commit any crimes when released on parole. Additional information and legal assistance in parole cases can be obtained from a defence lawyers in the UK.
Parole for life sentences in the UK
The indeterminate sentences or life verdicts are granted for persons who committed serious offences like murder. If you provide a good behaviour while in prison, the authorities are in charge of applying for parole on your behalf and will make a notice in this matter. Legal assistance is mandatory in this case, where your situation will be analyzed, especially the conduct in prison. You can also add proof of why you should obtain a parole before your sentence expires, which is available for indeterminate sentences. We remind that the Parole Board in the UK supervises the parole cases and will establish the circumstances for further judging. Please keep in mind that a parole can be obtained in about six months after your application form is accepted.
After the release, you can think of starting a new life and, why not, start a business.