Thursday, January 18, 2018

Types of Cyber Crimes

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Computer crimes or cyber crimes, as they are recognized nowadays, take place in many forms in each corner of the world. Because the technology advances in a fast manner in nearly any sector, the same thing is available for cyber frauds which affect many of us. Even though legal authorities are struggling in this sense, there will always be breaches of security. Identity theft, child pornography, intellectual property infringements and all sorts of internet crimes are happening on a daily basis internationally and people should be aware of such situations and proceed in accordance by paying attention to extra safety online. We have gathered a few of the most familiar cyber crimes that many people deal with, in most cases without even noticing.

The internet frauds 
Most crimes on the internet are related to the financial sector and particularly to bank account or credit card fraud, but not limited to these. Such scams start with a so-called official e-mail or letter which promises numerous material benefits and related issues. Even if you see your entire name there and a few details like birthday and domicile, this doesn’t mean that it is a trustworthy e-mail. In addition to this type of fraud, details about your bank account or credit card are requested by clicking a special link, in order to receive a particular sum of money in most cases. Because the temptation is big, numerous persons are trapped in this awkward situation and then observe that their money is gone for good. Moreover, all kinds of websites which do not provide security at first sight offer about the same financial opportunities with just a simple click. The danger is the same, especially if that link requests information about your cars. This is one of the most met types of cyber crime, and IT specialists recommend us to avoid any mysterious emails and websites that promise nothing but pure gold. Such things do not exist, and furthermore, we remind that all banks respect the confidentiality terms with the clients and do not place private information on the internet. All bank related issues are dealt with their representatives, whether over the phone under complete security or at the financial institution.

Cyberbullying, a worrying phenomenon 
The term bullying which is for many years linked to the kids at school who turn their games into serious issues, it has now a definition on the internet. The cyberbullying is another form of intimidation which takes place in front of the computer, tablet or mobile phone. In most cases, this cyber crime is related to child abuse and pornography, another serious and worrying problem met worldwide. Cyberbullying takes place with the help of text messages, chat websites or social media channels. Compromising pictures are also subject to such internet crimes, especially if they are spread online and affect the image of a person.

Identity theft, another serious cyber crime
Identity theft is considered a serious matter nowadays, as many people discover that their privacy has been breached. In other words, a stolen identity can be used to gain money by accessing the bank account of someone. The financial loses can be quite big in this situation, and furthermore, because criminals use all sorts of applications to cover the tracks, they can be hardly detected and punished.
Hacking websites
In the same category of cyber crimes, hacking has a solid place, unfortunately. The email accounts, the social media pages or a business website can be hacked instantly, this involves stealing personal data and using it in varied scopes on the internet. IT specialists suggest in many cases that it is important to change your passwords from time to time and use developed firewalls for protection.

If you are a victim of cyber frauds, it is recommended to ask for help from the authorities in charge, respect the steps in these situations and adopt extra protection in the future, on the internet.

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