Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Personal Injury Attorneys Will Get You the Maximum Settlement Amount for Your Accident Case

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You’ve been injured in an accident—now what?  The personal injuries you’ve sustained in the incident warrant an immediate call to an attorney with a background in personal injury cases.   The second you contact a lawyer and hire skilled legal representation to protect and defend your rights, your chances of receiving the maximum settlement for your personal injury case skyrockets.

Personal injuries mean you’re going to be seeing the inside of a courtroom, right?  That’s not always the case.  Very few accidents that result in personal injuries rarely make it trial, and when the term “settlement” is tossed around, that implies that the case has reached its conclusion outside the walls of a courtroom, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

Compensation can arrive in the form of a settlement, and in this payout, it could be the best and highest number you’ll see from your specific case.  An experienced attorney will be able to know this in the early stages of a case, reflecting back on their long history of personal injury cases to know when to settle or when to push for a trial.  After all, attorneys are usually paid when you’re paid, which align your end goals.

Like a thumbprint, each personal injury accident case is uniquely different.  The factors up for consideration are the severity of your injuries and the defendant’s insurance policy as both will weigh greatly on the outcome of your settlement.  Severe injuries obviously result in additional medical treatment and expenses and therefore the settlement will increase to compensate for such, and for the defendant’s insurance policy, insurance companies will refuse to offer settlement amounts over policy limits.

Imagine taking on a personal injury case yourself.  The deadlines, the paperwork, the dates, the evidence and document compiling, and the argument construction is overwhelming, and your medical treatments are relying on your own litigation abilities to pay the bills and keep yourself afloat. 

Instead, a personal injury attorney does all of the work for you, representing you legally, backed with decades of experience and their firm’s collective facets of personal injury casework knowledge, skills, and areas of expertise.  Now, you’ve got a team driving home your case to win you the maximum settlement possible, utilizing their education and abilities to navigate personal injury laws. 

Hiring an attorney is the most critical step you can take to achieving higher compensation. According to Nolo.com, a survey conducted showed that 91% of those with personal injury cases who had hired lawyers received a payout with this legal representation, but in cases where plaintiffs did not have a lawyer, the percentage of those who received a payout dropped to 51%. Legal representation also made a vast difference in the amount of settlement received, as those with legal representation received an average of $77,600 in their settlements versus the average of $17,600 for those who did not have lawyer and handled the cases themselves.  Even with a retainer and contingency fee, the results still demonstrate that those with lawyers achieve successful, profitable settlements, coming out ahead.

The results are not shocking.  Equipping yourself with an arsenal of sharp legal aid will essentially guarantee you not just fair compensation, but more of a settlement than you would receive without a skilled attorney at your side.  A good attorney has a sixth sense for recognizing an appropriate settlement to ask for, a natural ability to negotiate, and an inherent understanding of how personal injury cases work, and so with their hire you have everything to gain.

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